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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Tatcha Unboxing & First Impressions

First impressions: extremely luxe, aesthetically pleasing package and includes a handwritten note.
If you can tell from the photo, they missed out on 1 of my free sample.
Every order comes with 3 samples. A bit unhappy with that cause it aint difficult packing my small order! Plus i shipped via Vpost, so if they wanna send me what's missing, i may have to pay additional for shipping. And that, sucks. I was looking forward to sampling them so i can buy the full sized next time. Oh wells.

Marcus bought me the full sized classic rice enzyme powder, dewy skin mist and lip balm. The rest were given as free samples. With shipping charges, this order cost about SGD170.

He also got me the Love Bonito Tarilyn Top and Lang leav's Lullabies as monthsary presents (:

Shall review the skincare once i get started on it.

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