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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

week 36

I'm 50.7kg and baby's 1.9kg.
No bleeding, baby's been active, water bag level good, heart rate 144.
I still feel her squirming around a lot, maybe still a lot of space in my belly.
Which means more room for growth.

Poon thinks her head and body is small so he wants her to be induced at week 38.
He didn't rule out the fact it could be genetics, but he also mentioned doppler test could be done to check on blood flow etc.

We are just praying hard she will make appearance before that.
Grow baby, grow!!

The clinic forgot to prepare our hospital admin/doctor's letter.
Guess we can only collect it on the 37th week checkup.
Stepped out of the clinic having mixed feelings.

I have a fear of being induced.
Its not only more painful, there are extra cost involved and your body gets triggered to breastfeed even before it is naturally ready.
Most of my friends ended up with emergency c-sect after failing to dilate after getting induced.

I mean i don't mind whatever method as long as baby is safe.
But some methods are just to "play safe".
In the process, just cause me more stress and trauma.
Just gonna trust God and my instinct.
Claiming a normal vaginal delivery, in Jesus' name!

What we can do now is to pray and continue to trust/believe in God for supernatural growth and smooth natural delivery.

Suffered from mild water retention a few days back.
And i feel my thighs getting bigger.
Sometimes my leg gets super achy when i'm walking.
Quality sleep is tricky with the belly.

Hospital bag has been packed!
Using the husband's backpack.
Need to put in some last min items like camera and charger.
Will share whats in it if you guys are interested.

Waterbag, please break on your own.
Contractions, I'm ready for you.
Cervix, dilate fast when time is ripe!
Baby, Mummy and Daddy wanna see u after vday, so grow well and come out soon ok!

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