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Friday, February 12, 2016

week 37: Full Term

I measure 52kg yesterday, and she is approximately 2.2kg.
Doctor mentioned again that she will be a small baby.
Head circumference 299mm, strong heartbeat 155bpm and good amount of amniotic fluid.
She is head down but i forgot to ask if its engaged yet.
But overall, she is looking good for natural vaginal delivery. PTL!

This time, Poon didn't insist i get induced next week, so thats a relief to hear.
I need to continue with my avocado and red meat diet.
And minimal moving around, so that i don't lose too much energy/calories in the process.

He did recommend i do the dopplers test though.
Cost $303 after GST at Mount A.
Of course we are not going to bother ourselves with more test.
So near the end point already, and baby's been active so we decided to skip the test.

These days my legs will suddenly get very "suan".
Even when I'm just lying in bed or taking a really slow walk.

Please come out of my oven next week or the week after, buttercup.
Waterbag, break on your own please please.
Finally got my doctor's admission letter.
Basically, all my medical reports and what the nurses need to know/do.

Gonna be an exciting month.
We are gonna be parents!! (:

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