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Monday, March 14, 2016

4 weeks Post Partum: Diaper Bags for Moms & Baby Full Month Party

We have been using Skip Hop Swift Messanger Bag for 1 month before we decided to switch to Anello's backpack.

Skip Hop's diaper bag has this integrated changing map which is convenient but i find it too big.
I'm a direct latch mother, so i don't really need to bring out much things except:

1) diaper
2) wet wipes
3) plastic bag for waste disposal
4) breast pads
5) cloth
6) barrier cream
7) changing mat
8) nursing cover

With that packing list, we decided to switch to a backpack for convenience.
Featured is Anello in denim grey, i got it off a Carousell seller for $25.
Registered postage is another $4.90.
What a steal (:


Last Saturday, we celebrated Audria's full month.
After spending $150 on the balloons, no photos were taken with my guests or with the baby.
What a shame!
She pretty much slept throughout her party.
And the hosts (myself and Marcus) were overstimulated trying to entertain 100 over guests.
Too ambitious, might never do this again.
I didn't get to have a proper meal cause everyone is trying to chat me up.
And its rude to cut the conversation. Haha oh wells, we survived.

If you ever want to throw a full month party for your baby, think again. Haha.

We received many stylish clothing's for Audria, i hope she grows into them soon (:
Many spoilt her with diapers, Jellycat items and those luxury baby brands.
Of all these, we also received some handmade scrapbook items which are super precious and priceless to us.
Thank you for all the blessings, our hearts are full.

My cutie pie (:

And i spotted this huge red, pus bite while showering her yesterday.
Thought some nasty bug bit her.
But it ended up as a BCG mark as advised by other mothers.
Other Mount A babies got them as well.
Polyclinic checks this before they give her the 2nd dose of Hep B jab (free for citizens).

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