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Monday, April 04, 2016

7 weeks Post Partum

And so, we survived another 2 weeks after the confinement month.
Been going out more often with Audria (:

Needed to build confidence nursing in public and also handling a newborn.

Actually, i have once again been struggling with breastfeeding.
The latch has been pretty inconsistent.
Booked an appointment with the director of MotherandChild for lactation consultation tmr.
Decided to fix the clicking sound (when LO latches) and also to ask for help on more positions. Audria is getting heavier. Certain positions are no longer feasible like football hold.
Cradle and cross-cradle aint working too well for me either.
I am intending to ask Uma for help on:

1. laid back position
2. lying down position
3. nursing on a public chair position
4. sitting on a bed position

It cost $150 for the first session, followed by $130 subsequently.
They do general health checks on LO and will also take her weight.

Since i have been exclusively direct latching Audria, i realised:

1) zippers and buttons make a whole lot of sense for breastfeeding
2) im in my robe all day everyday at home, messy hair, don't care
3) i can pretty much go anywhere with baby and a nursing cover. I am a mobile cow.
4) been drinking lots of fluid, oat/soy related food. Cod and salmon is a bonus in my diet for extra milk
5) trying not to "waste" let-down by stuffing my nipples in her mouth, it gets messy
6) i feel so bad when we miss a feeding at night (she sleeps through the night on some days) and once she wakes up for her first morning feed, the let down sprays like mad on her face and lips
7) i dont pump and latch. its either i latch OR i pump. i don't see a need to build a stash since I'm a stay home mum, and also, their needs change over time. Pumping will mess up my brain signals. My breast will configure to the baby's needs.
8) i haven't forget the true meaning of breastfeeding. its the best nourishment for my baby, a provision from God that I'm ever grateful for.
9) on days i doubt my milk supply. but you see, LO poos and pee 7-10 times a day so I'm always reassured I'm doing a great job feeding her despite the lousy latching.
10) i have yet taken any milk supply boosters or lactation related cookies. A balanced diet is really what we need.
11) i have only used the pump (spectra S1) once because my breasts was rock hard and i needed some form of relief. There are less than 8 packs of frozen breastsmilk in my freezer. Those shall be kept for emergencies but I'm not sure when it will be utilised.
12) Initially i have thoughts of weaning once she starts solid (6 months minimum), but now, i just wanna provide for Audria as long as i can
13) breastfeeding may be a natural for some mummies but honestly, it messes up my mind. Especially when I'm having trouble helping Audria get a good latch. It means she is taking in more air, which translate to more burping time required. I am in the midst of fixing this problem. And i pray after the session tmr, my breastfeeding journey will be an enjoyable one.
14) pregnancy and delivery is now a piece of cake to me; caring for a baby and the breastfeeding journey is truly the real challenge.
15) they are always hungry. why? Breastmilk digest easily as compared to formula. Any sound that she make gets me jumpy. "hungry again?". Just latch on Mummy. Haha.
16) my appetite has tripled. i can eat a lot. A LOT.
17) one feed at a time, one day at a time.

Audria is considered as an easy baby to care for (at least to us), of course we face challenges during those grow spurt days. Purple crying and all.
We can really only give her hugs and carry her till she stops fussing.
In one tunnel, out of the tunnel. Into another tunnel. Its a phrase all babies go through so we are just gonna take it with a pinch of salt when she cries inconsolably. God help and have mercy on us!

Good luck mummies! (:

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