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Sunday, January 15, 2017

48 Weeks Post Partum: Traveling with 11 month old to Bandung

We will be away for a week and i'm bringing the following:

1) frozen food in cubes
Just portion and freeze, throw in slow cooker before we set off each morning

2) rice
3) oatmeal
4) snacks
5) dry ice box to store the cubes
We will check into our luggage and store them in the airbnb's fridge upon arrival

6) slow cooker
7) Thermal flask
In case i need to heat up the pouch or food

8) 2 food pouches for emergencies
9) Tons of spoons, and wet tissues

We had decided against BLW for this trip and so i will prep her congee meals daily.
Fresh food for this trip (:

Logistics wise, its equivalent of that when she was 5 months old.
Read our Bangkok 2016 trip here.
Thats cause i won't be bringing my pump and the likes.
Direct latch all the way since we will also be co-sleeping.
Hopefully she transition back to her own nursery without much trouble when we come home.

Catch you all when I'm back!
Excited to explore new soil with Audria (: