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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baby World Fair // Expo 13-15 JAN 2017

The items to purchase get fewer at such fairs.
Audria is 11 months as of this post.
The free goodie bag consist of some sample diapers, snacks, wet wipes, ice packs, toys and vouchers.
Always remember to ask for samples from KCA, Bosomi and Huggies/Drypers booth.

I bought some organic bites for her, ezpz Mini Mat, nursing bras and some mini books to entertain her on the trip we are heading tomorrow.
Ez Pz mats are coming out with nordic colours next month!!
If you are into Baby-Led-Weaning, do check out this post.

These days, i do prefer shopping at supermarket since i cook her meals, and also checking out new organic pouch brands. Latest obsession is this brand little freddie.

Though i very rarely offer her pouch food, i realise I'm obsessed with buying them.
Time to clear stocks from my kitchen.
She likes Bellamys food pouch as well.
Not so much on Gerber or Heinz.

After all, its definitely wiser to feed your child food from the soil than food from the factory.
But hey hey, i don't judge those who do offer.
Aint nobody got time to cook complex meals for their child from time to time.

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