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Friday, September 23, 2005

Because of you

He wants it commited, i want it too. Then why am i entertaining such thoughts. Blardy hell...

Anyway, i've got my hair dyed medium brown blonde for free at the salon. It looks very natural on me..haha..which is what i wanted cause i didnt want it to be too light/bright. Miss G commented something about having mouse hair once in college. Haha, because mouse have brown hair! *gasps*

Spent lotsa time with Lesley darling this week..which was really cool. =) We even got a similar tee-shirt.Haha..wenta Holland Village, Sheryldine's Mum was teasing me (again)..ughs!!! Now nobody can get over what i've done in Primary4. O_o


SAF Changi chalet (sea-view) from Sep30 to Oct04. Who will like to come for some free food?? You're all invited. =) RSVP expecting close friends to come. Since the place is huge, you can stay over, rooms're big enough..

Lesley -> love ya too girlie..let's shop again when im rich..haha

Char -> you too babe, study hard for Os yea!

Sheryldine -> yar lar..haha..idiot..enuff of the telephone voice msg already lah!! *blushes* hee, im missing you..when're we meeting again? come for my chalet with the girls??

Peng -> haha, where got impressive?? thought it was badly written in a rush. *grins* take care babe, havent seen u for eons =)