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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My boyfriend's a doofus. Grrr....!! In fact i think all guys're. Go away if you dont like what you're reading.

Killer piece of crap. Absolutely no time to check my work or go back to the ones i don't know how to do. Even correlation coefficient (my best/fav chapter) was unsolvable. Fcuk.

Goner. I'll be happy to get 40%. Thought my Statistics was relatively good!!! *groans* Apparently either im stupid or im lazy, both!

I'm so tired. I could sleep forever. My eyes're swollen and puffy!
I'm sick. Cough, flu and fever.

My bank statement'll be damn long this month. I'm doing 2 mass orders for birkenstocks, 6 people. And the stupid online shopping. O_o

Truth is, im sick of shoppin already.

Melly -> not ya cup of tea kinda job. haha..alright man!! shall see you and dine on next thurs!! yeah! add oil for ur presentation k!

Naz -> haha..tmr la!! not next wed. haha..cannot afford it. you wanna come??? zouk!! haha..i miss my colleagues. =/ crazy..real it for wot? haha..u still as lame, *grins* happy i saw u today!! hee.

Angele -> lunch was good (: yups, gonna chill then study..sick liao. interview tmr. haha..tired today. no energy. anyway, i made a wasted trip to singpost today. sigh. could've gone home with ya!!