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Monday, May 15, 2006

Write & Write

It wasnt exactly GREAT but at least im happy with what was presented on the script. And i must must must thank Pamela for being sucha sweetie when i needed help. -hugs-

Super tired. Yawns.

Gonna work with Shimin ($8/hr) if i get the job at tmr's interview. Money! *skips ard* Good, can fund my shopping. Delias today! Haha. And i wanna check out Anna Sui's new parfum. They're giving away $20 Tannlines voucher for every purchase..which is good..then i can get my bandeau bikini this time. No no. Save money. Fcuk.

Babyboy..i miss you.

Peichin -> the time you read this, i'll be free already!! Hurry...ben&jerry's!! haha..i want a bigger scoop from you!! Hee. I love GreatWorldCity!

Melly -> shopping is addictive. I'm free after Tues. Date me?? Haha..drag dine's arse out too pls!! Ha! Clubbing on wed?? can can??