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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My experience: EV of uterus, dilation and curettage (D&C)

Checked into Thomson Medical Centre at 10.37am for the D&C procedure.
Was freaked out when the nurse inserted Cytotec into me, after which i was just shaking uncontrollably. I don't think it was because of the cold but probably some side effects. Which was good in a way because i couldn't feel the cramps or any pain.

Am so thankful for Marcus' love, support, encouragement and just being by my side to go through this ordeal together. It's a closure and its certainly a joy being able to experience pregnancy for 11 weeks (: I will never forget the past 3 weeks of sheer excitement and joy upon finding out the miracle in my womb.

Very quickly (about 45-60mins), i was wheeled into the waiting area while the nurses did more paperwork and the routine questions. By 12.25pm, i was knocked out fast in the operating theatre after whining (a lot) as they inserted the IV into me. I really hate having that plug jammed into my hand, traumatises me like crazy.

By 12.53pm, i was awake and since everything was stable, i was wheeled back to my day surgery ward at basement 1. Gees, machiam like dungeon ok. Basement 1, joke. Marcus swung by at 1.30pm with longan drink and soy bean for me. Love my baby to bits! Hospital did provide hot milo and some crackers. With no discomfort, pain or nauseousness, we were discharged at 3pm.

My courage came from Him, my one true source of comfort, trust and hope. God is still good and will always be sovereign. How can i allow myself to be blind to God's goodness and presence in my life (:

Bubye baby Ellie.

Your grace is sufficient for me.

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