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Friday, November 07, 2014

Phua Soo Mear review

2 week post D&C update:

Did an ultrasound yesterday at Dr Phua's to confirm everything was well.
Weighing 42kg, i'm glad my weight is slowly picking up.
Next step is to wait for period.

Prior to this pregnancy, i was visiting Dr Kowa at Mount E regularly.
He monitors my PCOS condition and i'm fond of his service, friendliness and medical knowledge.
Only downside was the waiting time in his clinic despite having made an appointment.
Dr Kowa's consultation rates ($90), ultrasound ($90) and medicine were on the higher end.
His clinic is huge and he gives very clear ultrasound photos.
Personality wise, he is very kind-spirited, gentle, encouraging and wears a smile all the time.
He gives a lot of information without me asking and never rushes through an appointment.
Dr Kowa wears very lovely bow-ties if you are a fashionista. Haha!

We visited Dr Phua to confirm my pregnancy out of convenience.
He's located very near kovan mrt and its just 5 bus stops away from my place.
His consultation charges ($45 from 2nd consultation onwards), ultrasound etc were about half of Dr Kowa's.
Personality wise, he appeared to be gentle and soft-spoken.
But he is the type of doctor you have to keep probing for answers because he won't tell you much unless you ask.
Or maybe all doctors are like that, they don't acknowledge the foetus unless it hits the second trimester. And sounded nonchalant on every visit.
Waiting time is bearable. It's a decent sized clinic, but just not much privacy when conversations are exchanged. Technology wise, i think its comparable to Dr Kowa's.

I would think he did a good job on the procedure at Thomson Medical Centre.
He charged me $520 for D&C and the anaesthetist fee was $300.
The rest of the bill was covered by medisave.
This miscarriage is costly, no doubt.

Lovely dinner hosted by Keh and Dorothy, who prayed along with us, assured, comforted, guided, encouraged us through God's words. They are like family, role models and mentors to us. Always sharing what God can do in our lives, reminding us of God's love and power. Thank you for being such a blessing to us. I pray God continue to use both of you mightily to bless others and for you both to receive greater blessings from Him who loves beyond.

Dr Phua Soo Mear
Senior consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist
211 Hougang St. 21 #01-289
Singapore 530211

Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre
#16-17/18 Level 16
Singapore 228510

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