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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ice Treatment

This blardy customer wanted "to go to my place". What the fuck?? But i made friends with this 18 year old guy..pretty nice fella. =) Not cute though. Haha.

Beauty is only skin deep..

Met up with Chris after the Bioskin shoot. Why must they make it a mandarin programme. *curses* I had problems articulating and they kept 'cutting' because i was tongue-tight half the time. Gross.

Anyway, Woman suddenly became a gentleman. Haha. Maybe OCS is doing him good. Hurhurhur. Shopping was enjoyable except i forgot to bring my Levis' $50 voucher and couldnt get my square-cut!! *shoots myself* Gotta catch up before u leave for Brunei eh! =) What a woman..hee..

Damn..should get N70 before my Nokia 6170 trade-in value drops any lower. But i ought to be saving!! Dilemma..Maybe i'll wait a little longer. IPOD plan's off till i get an IBOOK for school sometime next year. All my wants...shakes head...

Time spent with dirtyboy is so short. I'm not gonna waste my time complaining and getting all pissed with army. Fcuk it all. Getting upset is inevitable but i shall bear with all of these.

Dad drove family to dinner at Marche earlier on this evening. With Yun Hao and dirtyboy as well (family's circle of trust is expanding..haha). Love them all. =)