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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shopped Swiped

Shopping has indeed done me some good. I should just keep it up. You dont know how long i've i not shopped like a princess. Ages!! Been tryin to save so hard i forgot that shopping makes me feel oh-so-good.

Bought more lingeries.. (Xiangjing will be wondering whats new, right?) Think i've most all the colours from Triumph, real pretty ones. =) Then got another micro-fibre one from WomenSecret. Material's soft against the it! Gonna get 1 more, the maroon one which i saw with Jasmine's nice too.

Mango had 30% off very few selected items. So happened the 1 which caught Lesley and my eyes're at $39 only. Couldnt get the grey 1 which I like, so got the brown 1 instead. Mum think the material's too thick. Well, i think its pretty long for my legs. Alteration again. Haha..a little loose too but Mango dont exactly cater to petite ladies. Shrugs.

The number of tops i own from Giordano amazes me. Let me see. 10. And i just added another lime green crew-cut to my wardrobe. O_0 Nevertheless, i still wanna get more crew-cut tops from TOPSHOP next month. More yellows and whites. Lesley said i should stop buying the blacks. But i like black! Classic and it does make me look more slim. =)) *grins*

End of a quick retail-therapy. Headed to Zouk for work. Alright night, but i was sleepy. Saw Ivan Seah at the bar. Was cool catching up, he slimmed down A LOT?!?! Muahaha.

Bad news..was thinking of partying at Zouk for Halloween. Ended up that Oliver wants us back for work. Sian liao. I dont have a life anymore!! I wanna club!!

Liyu -> 've cooled down quite a bit. Think i've hurt our friendship. I'm sorry. Let's forget about the bad stuff okie. Cool?

Zihui -> Stress comes in different forms mah. Haha..u take care girl. All the best..give it ya best shot. =) Keeping u in my prayers..