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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


What a crazy night at ZOUK yesterday. The funny costumes, fugly ones, pretty ones, sexy ones, right down to the scary ones! The management made us wear this black shirt and had us applied makeup to our face-all in the name of fun. Sheesh..haha..dont think anyone recognised us as the staff??

Can imagine how tired i am now after turning in only at 7am?? Cant wait to see dirtyboy though, really missed him.

Think i'll remain as a cashier-label because i dont want my pay to get cut off for CPF. I've a whole life ahead for that. For the past 6 working days, i've earned more than 400 bucks. That's pretty decent i believe. No?

Oh, and i saw Xiaxue, that local blogger. She was dressed in the Singapore Airlines attire. Man, that short huh. Haha. I'm not tall but im taller than her. *grins* Real cheapthrill..hoho!

Bad news, 933 wants to interview me. In mandarin. *curses* Mandarin???

Going for Mass at IHM with God-ma and Emily sis later in the afternoon.

Lay -> are u layleng or laypeng?? haha..sorry for the confusion. Haha, no way!! I pray nobody watches the show in Jan lar. Haha.

Naz -> u very nonsense leh. haha..crew-cut is like the normal round neck kinda cut lar. Muahaha...stop putting economics to use lar. I'm actually dying with the econs module. O_o How bout you?? Oei!!! Got miss me anot?? HAHAHAHAHAHA