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Friday, July 25, 2008

22nd birthday at White Tangerine

The sitting arrangement came true finally (:

Thankyou to those who made an effort to join me for dinner.
I really enjoyed the company.
Most imptly, i personally felt that this dinner rocked much more than my 21st birthday.
So there (:

Not many handmade cards this year (although requested) but i appreciate what came from Amber, Tirene and Luke. And the thought from all of you of course with the other cards.

The gift from J__R suprised me the most.
I thought White Tangerine offers present to birthday person. ha!

Melly and Dine's box was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for indulging my weakness :b

What came from CoH and woman mostly left me speechless. I'm blessed. I really am.
Thankyou guys (:

The photos from fisheye are out.
Be patient as i make a personal gift for each of you (provided u took a photo using the fisheye which was passed around during dinner)
If you were there at Indran's for Tirene's birthday you'd've seen it already.
Thankyou Gary for fetching me there, im so spoilt.
And im glad Tirene and I are friends all over again (:
Haha. kidding there.

Happy birthday, Tirene dear.
May all the love surround you!

So the next probable outting, picnic with G and CoH.
We can put my picnic baskets collection to good use.
Its gonna be another awesome outting.
I'll remember my fisheye.

Ah..CoH, i love you to death!!! (:

PS: you guys know the password *grins*